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5 Sure Ways to Choose a RealtorŪ

If you're planning on moving this year, you'll need some help in selling your home. Here are some suggestions on finding the best RealtorŪ in your community to assist in marketing and selling your home: [CLICK HERE to read more]

The Cleary Team's 21-Point Marketing Plan for selling your home.
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How can I improve the value of my property?
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6 ways to prepare your home for sale
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Investing in Real Estate
What to invest in, tax considerations, and how to start investing.
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  • RE/MAX Relocation Service - A full-service, third-party relocation management company dedicated to minimizing corporations' costs while making employee transfers as smooth as possible. [CLICK HERE to read more]
  • Change of Address forms - print them out or submit online! [CLICK HERE to read more]
  • Moving Checklist -Take the stress out of moving! This handy guide will take you quickly and easily through the tedious process of organizing your move. [CLICK HERE to read more]

    Homeowners Frequently Asked Questions

  • Home Price Appreciation
  • Condos and Home Associations
  • Improving Real Estate
  • Insurance
  • Taxes
  • Refinancing
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  • resources

    A Fast Sale Can Be All In The Way You Market

    Why does one home in a neighborhood sell faster than another that is similar in price and size? Marketing! An effective marketing plan goes a long way in making your home seem a better buy than the next, therefore attracting more potential buyers. [CLICK HERE to read more]

    The process of buying your home
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    What can a Real Estate Agent do to help you buy the right home for you?
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  • Basic principles of all mortgages
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  • Calculators including Mortgage Calculator
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  • More info on Home Financing Solutions
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  • More articles
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